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  1. i have a cordless phone of make panasonic,it is not in working condition now. pls tell me from where i can repair my phone. living ludhuana.

  2. Hi there, My Panasonic cordless phone speaker doesn’t sound the bell. Ear piece works fine but loud speaker doesn’t work unless you shake it very well or hit this phone on the wall. Probably I need to replace it, any idea where to get that specific piece of equipment. Or Panasonic doesn’t make any spare parts/ or any phone loud speaker may works?

    • If the ringer does not work, first make sure the ring volume isn’t muted or turned down all the way. You may want to try initializing the handset from the menu.

      If the problem is not in the settings then it’s either a bad speaker or what I have seen many times is a significant buildup of iron filings on the speaker that prevent the diaphragm from moving. In that case it’s easy to fix… just pop off the back housing, twist the white plastic brace holding the speaker in and remove the speaker. The iron filings build up on the black paper filter sticking it to the speaker. Just hold it over a trash can and pull the paper liner straight off. Do not slide it off because the iron filings will not be pulled away and instead slide off the paper liner and stick to the speaker diaphragm directly making them more difficult to remove. If that does happen you will need to use a more powerful magnet to remove them from the speaker magnet and you risk damaging the speaker’s plastic diaphragm.

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