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3M™ 8153LE Adhesive Sheet

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8153LE 3M 300LSE Adhesive SheetSuper strong “Very High Bond” 3M adhesive

This product is adhesive only. Once you remove the two sided paper liner there is nothing left but adhesive (no carrier). It’s super thin and super strong. Typically used to hold down iPad screens and other touch displays for tablets and smartphones. Great for repairing and building just about anything!

Last Halloween I used this adhesive to finish a costume. I needed to sick a fake arm in a cloth sleeve to a plastic container. At first I was thinking glue but knew it would take time to dry and I’d need a way to hold it in place. Then I remembered the 8153LE adhesive sheets. Just a few small pieces created a permanent and fast bond between the cloth and the plastic box. Even after a lot of wear and tear they are holding strong.

The 8153LE / 300LSE sticks to almost any clean surface of high or low energy.

I have made these available in low quantity at a great price. Two 4×9 inch sheets can ship anywhere in the world for just the price of a postage stamp. I can also cut custom shapes if needed so feel free to ask for a quote.

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