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NiMh, NiCd, Alkaline…. lithium. Stuff you need to know about batteries, chargers…. testing and using batteries.

2.4v Cordless Phone Batteries BT-1007 BT-1015 BT-904 – Uniden & Panasonic

Volts – mAh – NiCD – NiMH What’s it all mean and why should you care?! It’s important to select the right battery for your application but sometimes that can be confusing, especially for the average person who does not

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Panasonic Cordless Handsets Resetting KX-TGA650b KX-TGA450b

Is your Panasonic cordless handset going dead? Resetting? Does the screen go blank for a few seconds then give you an error to move closer to the base? Typically this happens only at the mostĀ inconvenientĀ of times… (while you are using

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