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I picked up one of these portable 12v/24v DC freezers at a good deal because the lid latch was broken. Here I will show you how I repaired it.

Cracked latch. This will completely break off soon if not taken care of!

To remove the latch use a flat-head screwdriver in the notch found at the center of the rod to slide the rod toward the side spring. This will slide the left side out of the hole in the lid and allow you to pull out the latch.

I found a washer that just pressed on tight. You may need to take the latch to a hardware store to pick out one that fits around the plastic and also inside the latch handle.

I glued the washer and also reinforced the plastic using melted ABS in M.E.K. solution. You probably won’t have that but you should glue it in there.

You might as well put washers on both sides while you have it apart, even if the other side is not broken yet.

You should glue / repair the cracked plastic before adding the washer. Model glue plastic cement is OK for the plastic but can’t be used to hold the washer in place.

DO NOT USE: super glue, crazy glue, etc…
I repeat… NO SUPER GLUE!!!!! Just don’t!!! It will not last and it will make it more difficult to repair next time. And there WILL be a next time!
DO NOT USE: cheap clear 5-min epoxy
DO use plastic epoxy (I like Loctite Plastic Bonder 20 min – opaque amber)
JB weld is OK (scuff up the plastic first)
Whatever glue you use make sure you don’t glue the metal rod!

When you go to put the repaired latch back in, you need the door open… put the right side of the rod in first. The two springs sticking out should fit inside the little raised slots on the lid. You can press in the rod from the left and it should slide down and into that hole on the left side.
The spring on the rod should snap the rod into the hole once you have it lined up, but for me I needed to help it back in using the screwdriver (the same way I got it off but in reverse).