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Q: What happens when I order repair service? How Does this work? ANSWER 

Q: Do you repair X? Answer: Is it a phone? Most likely, Yes MORE

Q: Do you have a repair kit for X? A: Search for your model number above (try just the numbers). If you can't find what you need PLEASE ASK :)

Q: Do you have a repair kit for KX-TGA651wxyz? A: For Panasonic, only the numbers are important. The rest is version, color, country code, etc..  KX-TGA410b, KX-TGA410c, KX-TGA410whatever are all the same phone. The only important  info is the number "410" 

Q: How long does repair take? A: That depends greatly on what it is and how much of it there is.
     Small orders without unusual problems generally take a few days plus shipping time.      
     Larger orders will take as long as the most difficult item and may be several weeks especially if ordering parts is needed. 
     LCD repair doesn't take long but requires 5+ days of testing.
     Button problems are usually fast. TV remotes are just 1-3 days
     Uniden charger stand is typically 1-day turnaround.

Hours of operation: No set hours (Generally M-F 10am - 6pm EST)  P1Repair is a one person operation and I am often working 7 days a week but I am not always around.

Phone: (727) 900-7702
Please understand that I am not always around and frequently working next to loud machinery that I cannot easily step away from. I prefer email for convenience and a permanent record of the conversation. If you do call and get voice mail, please leave a message. Your recorded message is sent to my email. 

3058 Hoyt Ave
Clearwater, FL 33759

Please note: Repair Service in the summer months (July mostly) can be significantly delayed. Please contact me before ordering repair service in June, July and early August if turnaround time is critical.  Thanks for understanding.

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