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I do not have a repair kit for this model, specific instructions or a video. Not enough demand for this product. This information is for anyone wanting to try repairing their own phone. All the buttons use 4mm snap domes. The white sticker over the buttons is to help reflect backlight. Small parts can be removed without noticeable change. You have to peel and cut away the white around the defective buttons and then stick the repair button over the contacts on the board. To take the unit apart just remove the 4 scres under the battery cover and the skinny top housing should open easily. The receiver speaker is just held down with adhesive, you need to un-stick it carefully without breaking the wires.  

The Calisto Pro uses metal snap domes "4D"
White layer must be pulled back and the original dome must be removed.
Try not to touch any snap domes you are not replacing. 
The repair dome can be stuck down in place and the white layer along with other buttons can be put back in place. 

Is your Calisto Pro phone all sticky? 
The phone has a clear coat over the paint. I got a phone in where this coating and turned all sticky. What a mess! The only thing that would remove it was acetone. You can try fingernail polish remover to clean it up. Acetone is nasty stuff however and can eat through paint and even melt plastic. so be careful. 

Button Repair - Individual peel and stick buttons

Black conductive dots are for rubber keypads with black conductive pads.
Metal snap domes 5D & 4D are only for replacing bad metal snap domes. 


  • 7mm diameter conductive dot
  • 12mm square pad
  • Can be cut down to to 10mm 


  • 5mm diameter conductive dot
  • 10mm square pad
  • Can be cut down to 8mm


  • 4mm diameter conductive dot
  • 10mm square pad
  • Good for small contacts that require a larger push down area
  • Many Logitech remotes need this specific size


  • 4mm diameter conductive dot
  • 7mm square pad


  • 2.8mm diameter conductive dot
  • 7mm square pad
  • Needed for small buttons found in some Logitech Harmony remotes


  • 10mm x 5mm conductive dot
  • Used for single buttons that have 2 conductive pads close together


  • 8mm x 4mm conductive dot


  • 5mm diameter metal snap dome
  • Peel and stick with finger tabs


  • 4mm diameter metal snap dome
  • Peel and stick with finger tabs

Plantronics Calisto Pro Series D150 Button Repair

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