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Logitech Harmony Button Repair Kit

The ButtonWorx membrane keypad permanently fixes the buttons by inserting a new keypad between the original buttons and the circuit board.  New electrical contacts that never wear out like the rubber keypads do and it blocks any oil or dirt from causing problems in the future.   

Logitech Harmony 600
Logitech Harmony 650
Logitech Harmony 665
Logitech Harmony 700

  • Carbon film that never wears out
  • No Paint or glue that would chip and flake off
  • Tested for over 1 million button presses with no sign of wear

International buyers note: Shipping for option B,C,D is just $2. Adding Deoxit cleaner significantly increases shipping cost because it is not flat and it may be better for you to find Deoxit cleaner locally. Any RED Deoxit will work. Usually D100 or D5


A) Full Kit

B) All rubber buttons 
This includes repair parts to fix all the buttons except the metal snap dome buttons. Metal snap domes are the buttons that make a louder click noise when pressed. These are the arrow keys, volume, channel, etc..

C) Top Buttons
This is all the buttons left, right and above the LCD including power

D) Below LCD
This is all the rubber buttons below the LCD. This does not fix the  clicky metal snap dome buttons

This is the red fluid and applicator brush used to repair the clicky metal snap dome buttons. Arrow keys, volume, channel, etc..

Logitech Harmony 600,650,665,700 ButtonWorx Individual Button Repair

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