• Cordless Telephone Repair Service

Cordless Phone Repair

Repair service for any cordless phone*

There are many different cordless telephones and countless issues or problems that can arise. P1Repair can service virtually any cordless phone.

  • Broken or sticky buttons
  • Battery pack replacement or re-build
  • Speaker and microphone repair
  • Dead phones
  • LCD display issues
  • Antenna repair
  • Virtually any issue!

Not everything is repairable and not all parts are available. 99% of the time the only place to get parts is from other phones. P1Repair has a large variety of cordless phones to use for parts but if a part is unique or frequently defective, the parts may not be available or it may take some time to source them.

Good Faith Estimate

It is not possible to provide a price quote for any phone with any issue. This product listing provides a good faith estimate but cannot cover all models and circumstances. You can add this item to your cart, place an order and select pay later for repair service. You will be under no obligation to complete the sale and you can always change your mind later, refuse to pay and opt for the phone to be recycled, or whatever! Buy now, ask questions later and make up your mind at any point with no obligation! We will contact you with any significant changes and of course you will know the final cost before you provide any payment information.  There is no charge for unrepairable items, no bench fee! Only stipulation is that after successful work is done, you cannot have the phone back at that point without full payment.  Unrepairable items can be returned to you for just the cost of postage. 

  • Detailed problem descriptions are a MUST
  • Contact Us with the make and model number for more specific information
  • Know what you need to send in for repair  

What to send in for repair

Understand what is needed to repair your cordless phone
The make/model and specific problem will determine what needs to be sent in for repair. You want to mail in the least amount of parts needed to test and repair your cordless phone. Generally you do not need to send in power adapters or cords. Batteries are not usually needed either. These items are heavy, they increase shipping cost and require significant padding to eliminate possible shipping damage.

Power adapters

You should only send in power adapters when they could be the problem.  If your cordless handset LCD is blank but buttons beep when pressed then it cannot be the power adapter on the charger or base. Problems potentially caused by bad power adapters: 1) Completely dead base or charger 2) Mostly dead - maybe some LEDs light up but almost nothing works at all. 


Only send in cordless phone batteries when there is issue with charging or major problems with the handset. If you need buttons repaired or a microphone replaced then please do not send the battery. Even just 1 oz can add $1 to $3 to the shipping cost. Problems potentially caused by a bad battery: 1) Dead 2) No radio link or poor reception 3) Phone cuts out or resets 4) Constant humming or buzzing.  

You should always try other batteries especially if you have more than 1 phone. Just swap around batteries and see if the problem changes any or follows a battery. 

Not cell phones
Only home and office use cordless phones that connect to a base receiver. Not a cell tower.

Cordless Telephone Repair Service

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