Repair Procedure

Ordering Repair Service On-Line

  • Purchase repair service just like ordering products on-line
  • Your order data and contact info is imported directly without errors or typos
  • Your packing slip is your order number or email printout
    Please remember to include problem descriptions with each item whenever possible
    1. You can choose to pay for the repair at checkout
      Useful for small orders and when you are in a rush
    2. OR you can choose to pay after repairs are done
      This is especially helpful when multiple items are sent at the same time and a total cost is not certain
  • Normally you should send only the phone to be repaired (no batteries, no cords, no charger stand, etc..)
  • Emails are sent
    • At the time of the order
    • When the items are logged in and tagged
    • When the order ships (tracking number provided)
  • The shipping charge in the order is for return shipping after repair is complete
    Shipping is normally by US Mail, First Class Mail or Priority Mail
    If you have a UPS account we can return your order via UPS (bill recipient)

Mail your repair order to
P1Repair Order#XXXX
Attn: Ben Jordan
3058 Hoyt Ave, Clearwater FL 33759

Off-Line Repair Orders

You can use our packing slip or one of your own

The following information is needed

  • Your complete contact info including: Address, Company Name, Phone, Email
  • A listing of what you are sending in for repair
  • A note regarding the work you need done including any optional services (such as new batteries or rush service)
  • A unique and detailed problem description for each item whenever possible
  • How you want it shipped back (US Mail or use your UPS account)
  • How you plan to pay for the order (Credit Card, Paypal, etc..)

Please print or type the order information if you can. If you must send in a hand written packing slip please print clearly!

Mail your repair order to
Attn: Ben Jordan
3058 Hoyt Ave, Clearwater FL 33759