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Onkyo RC-608M (Anderic RR682M)  Membrane Keypad Repair Kit 


  • Permanent Repair
  • No paint ink or glue
  • Will not chip or flake off
  • Tested over 1 Million button presses!
  • Blocks dirt and oils forever

Permanently repairs rubber keypad buttons by replacing the conductive material.

Your buttons fails when the conductive pad wears out and silicone oils seep from the keypad. This gooey paste blocks electrical conductivity and stops the switch from working.
The ButtonWorx membrane keypad blocks dirt and oil from reaching the circuit board and offers a new conductor that cannot break down like rubber conductors do. 

Note: This is for repairing hard to press buttons. If all your buttons stopped working one day, then the remote is broken (not the buttons) and needs repair 

Our membrane keypads are custom cut for each model.

They will not work in any other model.

Please make sure you are ordering the correct part.


  1. Remove battery cover and batteries
  2. Use a plastic card to open housing
  3. Gently clean circuit board with Isopropyl alcohol 
  4. Peel brown paper off ButtonWorx™ repair membrane 
    (look for cut line for easy place to start peeling)
    Caution: Do not split membrane layers! Paper will always come off easily and without any adhesive residue. 
  5. Use holes for alignment. Repair membrane should be installed as flat as possible. DO NOT press down around buttons
  6. When re-assembling make sure the battery springs go into the slot in plastic housing. 

Use a plastic card to open housing

Start at the bottom corner and slide the card up the side. The housing will pull apart a little. Then do the bottom edge, then the other side. 


Install the ButtonWorx™ repair membrane FLAT FLAT FLAT. There is no need to make sure it is stuck down. 
Do Not press down on the button areas. That can cause buttons to cave in creating a permanent short circuit. 
Just place it down using the holes for alignment. If it needs to be repositioned you can remove it and try again.

The repair membrane is a little wider than the circuit board so it will stick out a few millimetres on each side. 

When putting it back together the only tricky part is making sure the battery springs go into the slots in the housing. 

Onkyo RC-608M (Anderic RR682M) Remote Control Button Repair

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