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Cordless Phone Repair Service

Flat fee repair service includes most problems, antennas, re-programming if needed and basic parts (speakers, microphones, simple components, etc..)
The standard repair fee does not include LCD displays, housing parts, battery, etc..

Send in the cordless phone and matching antenna base.  (See item photos)

Please DO NOT send any power adapters
If your phone and base do not match they will be re-programmed to work together WARNING: If you send in the wrong base (without matching serial numbers) and you still own the matching set, that other phone will no longer work. 

Model EXP9300 

This cordless phone was made by Uniden and branded to work on many different business class phone systems. The base receiver has an additional interchangeable card that is compatible with specific proprietary phone systems. The phone is permanently linked to a specific base using a unique serial number. 

Pairing phones
P1Repair can re-program a phone and base station to link and work together.  With this technique any EXP9300 phone can be made to work with any EXP9300 base receiver. For example a NEC phone can be re-programmed to work with a Toshiba base station. The phones are identical, only the swappable phone card in the base receiver determines which system it will work with. 

6 Month Warranty
Warranty covers the problem sent in for as well as most common issues. It does not cover unreasonable abuse, housing parts or the LCD display.  


  • Select any optional add-on services and add repair items to the cart.
  • Check out like you normally would with an on-line item purchase. 
  • For repair service you do not have to pay at checkout.
    Payment can be arranged after repair is complete and the order is ready to ship.
  • When you complete the on-line repair order, simply print the order confirmation and mail it in with your equipment for repair. 
  • IMPORTANT: Please include a detailed problem description whenever possible
  • Ship only the phone. Do not mail batteries, charger stands, power adapters, etc...
    Only mail the base receiver when you need the phone linked. Please do not send any power adapters.

>>> On-line orders are preferred but you can print and fill out this packing slip instead if you cannot complete an order on-line: LINK

New antennas available TAKE A LOOK

New battery for EXP9300

Pair phone with different base receiver

EXP9300 Cordless Phone Repair

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