Important Note Regarding *REPAIR SERVICE*

FREE SHIPPING Terms & Conditions

Free shipping is by letter envelope with LIMITED TRACKING

A photo of your envelope will be taken and sent to the email address used for the order

  • This lets you know what to keep an eye out for
  • Allows you to verify the mailing address

Tracking is provided by LetterTrack  (

This service uses USPS Informed Delivery to provide information about when the envelope passes through major US-Mail hubs. It works most of the time (whenever the letter is scanned by a sorting machine) It does not work when a human scans it.

  • Tracking only updates when run through a sorting machine
  • It does not include pickup or delivery (only in transit scans)
  • Email updates are sent by Letter-track to the email used in the order
  • The tracking number cannot be used at 
  • While rare, it is possible for the envelope to be delivered without any tracking updates. For example, if there is a problem that prevents machine sorting and a human must read the address to forward it correctly. 

Envelope shipping is fast and reliable. In the busy holiday season they can be more reliable than tracked packages because they do not require humans to scan the package. Most backups at USPS are due to the bottleneck of human interaction. You can expect the order to arrive within 1 week (fastest on the east coast) HOWEVER, there can be delays (just as there are with tracked packages). 

Sometimes I see tracked packages that were placed on the wrong truck. They can travel thousands of miles in the wrong direction and take extra time for USPS to find the item and send it back on the correct path. The same can happen with letter mail but you just don't know the details. Tracking doesn't help much when problems arise anyway.  You can look at the tracking and see there is a problem but they never tell you if or when that problem will be fixed, so you still have just to wait and hope it shows up soon. 

USPS has no way to prevent the eventual delivery of a delayed order (tracked or not)  and there is no point in contacting USPS for more information, they don't have any

For international orders No Tracking

Letter mail is faster than packages and less likely to be held up in customs! 

A photo is taken of the envelope and sent to the email used in the order.

I ask customers to post their experience to give future customers a better idea when to expect the order to arrive. You can see what others have posted at this page:

Large Orders

Large orders of more than 5 items may be upgraded to package shipping with tracking. This may effect customs for international locations. Buyer (receiver) is responsible for all customs fees and taxes. 

What if you do not receive your order?

Envelope mail is very reliable but there can be delays or lost shipments with any shipping method. With tracking you can sometimes get some glimmer of information but you still never know if or when the problem will be corrected and when the item may eventually arrive. With both letter mail and packages there is no way to stop the shipment once it is on it's way. 
The seller (shipper) is responsible for safe delivery and the costs of postage as well as the product no matter how the order is sent. A high price for postage is a risk for the shipper, not the buyer, when an item is lost in transit.  Letter mail shipping for small flat items greatly reduces the cost of these risks and in most cases speeds up delivery.  
The sad truth
For some reason China can mail small international packages for almost nothing but when it comes to the USofA I cannot mail my neighbor a paperclip (with tracking) without a much larger expense.... using the very same shipping services! International packages are outrageous with the very lowest cost being $12 for ULTRA-SLOW postage (with tracking that often doesn't even work). Reliable tracking at a reasonable shipping time bottoms out at $25 and goes up quickly from there! For the small (low cost) items I sell, the only option that makes sense is by letter mail. At least for now.
If your package does not arrive in a reasonable time* then a new order will be dispatched.  (Please see below for the time table)

USA Letter Mail
Package considered lost or unreasonably delayed: (3 weeks Feb-Oct) (5 weeks Nov-Jan)

Package considered lost or unreasonably delayed: (5 weeks Feb-Oct) (7 weeks Nov-Jan)

Package considered lost or unreasonably delayed: (3 weeks Feb-Oct) (5 weeks Nov-Jan)

Package considered lost or unreasonably delayed: (5 weeks Feb-Oct) (7 weeks Nov-Jan)

Package considered lost or unreasonably delayed: (6 weeks Feb-Oct) (8 weeks Nov-Jan)

Note: Significant hazards (weather, fire, pandemic, etc..) may increase these time periods for affected regions