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    • If caller ID isn’t working it’s probably because there is some static or noise on the line. Caller ID signal is very susceptible to noise.

      If only a cordless handset is not showing caller ID but the base unit (and / or other hard wired phones) is showing caller ID correctly then there could be noise or loss of information in the radio signal. I have seen cordless phones that otherwise appear to work OK stop ringing because the radio signal was just poor enough to block the signal telling the handset a call was coming in.

  1. Hi sir,
    My panasonic cordless phone model number KX-TG3521bx is locked and now he want to password for use but i dont know the pasword of my cordless phone .so tell me how can i do for the sulotion of my problem..plz helpe me im very worried about that problem.

  2. calls coming in , I can hear them but they cannot hear me, I have put new batteries in but still no difference?

    • It’s either a bad battery or bad battery contacts. You can try cleaning the contacts with isopropyl and q-tip but it can be frustrating and difficult to troubleshoot. Also try forcing the battery in more tightly by shimming a piece of cardboard at the top edge of the battery, forcing it into the contacts more. NEVER trust the LCD display battery level indicator. It’s little more than a guess.

  3. I got a cordless fone and everytime i charge it it wl.work for 1 day then goes blank and shows recharge.for 7 hrs…have changed batteries given it to the service center both in sharjah and mumbai but nothing helps…havent even used it to its full capacity.

    • What model phone is this? How long are you talking on the phone? Is this just off the charger all day and maybe a few calls or are you taking many calls? Some phones have 2-cell batteries (2.4v) and some have 3 cells (3.6v). The 2-cell batteries do not last as long and tend to suddenly drop out toward the end of their charge where 3-cell batteries will die slowly. Another thing to consider is how far away from the base you are. The radio module uses the most power and if the signal is weak the phone may use more power to boost the radio.

  4. I found wax/play dough stuck under the phone handset charging prongs…..just a little bit. I cleaned it out with dry Q-tips and also wiped out the charging bases and cleaned all handsets also. I changed out the Ni-MH rechargeable batteries to the new eneloop batteries I got after charging fully outside. Hope it works. I will get back to you guys. Otherwise I will just buy the latest phone.

  5. My panasonic phone display is blank after 3 years …
    but i can hear and attend calls
    there is no display ..only back light

    • Sounds like it could be the power adapter. The old heavy brick power adapters almost never break but the new small and light switching adapters fail a lot more often. Sometimes they are dead, sometimes they put out only a little power (maybe lighting up LEDs but not much else) and sometimes they blink on and off.

  6. My panasonic KX-TG7642 M series phone keeps resetting every 20 seconds. The base unit goes blank and starts all over again. I am going mad over this. The phone used to work fine for couple of years. Suddenly one fine day it started resetting. Could you please help?

    • It sounds power related. The power adapter may be bad. Check to see if your charger stand power adapter has the same power output as the base. If it does, try swapping them.

  7. I have two handsets – one charges the batteries ok, the other doesn’t
    If I take the batteries from the good one when they’re showing as ‘full’ and insert them into the other, it shows 1 segment of charge (out of 4 segments)

    It doesn’t matter which base station the handset is on, the problem seems to be the handset.
    I’ve swapped batteries, swapped half the batteries etc. and handset 2 doesn’t show same charge info as handset 1
    Even a brand new set of Duracell AAA in handset 2 show up as 25%

    Handset 2 is currently on the satellite base, it’s showing “charging” and capacity is 1/4

    Any ideas?

    • Electronic circuits have no way to peek into a battery and see what the charge level is. When you move batteries around the phone can do little more than guess at the charge level. It takes a few full charge discharge cycles before the phone can learn what to expect from the battery and if the power is ever lost, the phone forgets the state of the battery and has to start fresh.

      Some battery packs include circuitry to keep track of the battery state but the battery packs in these phones are just battery cells.

  8. I dropped one of my Panasonic handsets onto the patio. Now I can only see the top 8th of the home screen readout. The rest of the screen tells me what number the handset is (2, we have six in total) and below that reads “Intercom” at the bottom left and “Menu” at the bottom right. When I select Menu, most of the departments have no read-out. I’ve checked the batteries and they’re fine. Could the fall have disrupted whatever makes the screen read out properly? The phone as is is usable for making and receiving calls, but that’s about it. I’ve just put it back on its base and it’s reading that it is “charging,” but we keep our handsets on their cradles all the time. This one is used outside during the day and put on the charger overnight so I don’t this what I’m doing will ake any difference. Is there some fix for this? Thank you.

    • The LCD glass is cracked and it would need to be replaced. Your best options are to live with it or find a working used phone on eBay.

  9. Phone dials or receives calls but silence after that on my side–the other side hears. What can I do?

    • will it work in speakerphone mode? If so then it sounds like the receiver speaker may be bad and would have to be replaced.

  10. I have the Panasonic phone series by the serial code of KX-TGLA40 . Phone number three turns off as soon as I accept a call and call myself. It displays full battery: 4 bars. All other phones work perfectly fine, just the one. I have replaced batteries. Pls help

    • That’s not a common issue. It could be power related because your phone is resetting at a peak power drain moment. It could be defective and it could also be corrupted software. You could try de-registering 2 phones, say #2 and #3 and then re-registering #3 then #2 and see if the problem clears or possibly follows the position and not the phone.

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