2 comments on “Expansion speed of the universe is 70.761 kmps per megaparsec

  1. I am like you, I’m neither of those people, except I think myself as a theorist. I like your diagram a lot and your computation. But I have to say that universal expansion is not smooth, as matter is consolidating(pushed by Dark Energy) into huge clumps of matter, for example into galactic clusters. Local example, our galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy are on a collision course. Space is not expending between them!

    • Don’t confuse me for an expert…. but what I think people confuse is the rate of expansion of the universe VS the rate of expansion of the stuff in the universe. I believe expansion is tied directly to gravity and therefore must be a constant but the stuff in the universe can move in different directions and speeds when other forces are applied. Like a large wide ocean wave moving at a constant speed could have surfers moving in different directions and speeds. One could be going straight down the wave… another could be moving sideways along the wave, etc…

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