Random Thoughts

Don’t die with your music still in you
~Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is my music…. and music is never wrong.

Everything here should be taken with a grain of salt… or the entire shaker…. because it’s all 100% proven fact

Time is the 4th dimension. Not a figure of speech! It is the next direction after up, down, left, right, back and fourth. You cannot see it or point to it because atoms are only 3d. Light waves bounce off 3d atoms and reach your 3d eyes. There is nothing to look at in the 4th dimension.

The universe is expanding in the 4th dimension at the speed of light…. it is expanding through time.  I am a big old-school Doctor Who fan and the idea of time travel is so much fun to think about…. but I’m afraid it’s just not going to happen. You see…. nothing exists outside of the time we are in right now. All the atoms in the universe are riding the cosmic wave front.  The past is when the universe was smaller but it will never be smaller again. You cannot travel back in time because no atoms exist there.

Now one thing I have considered is alternate time lines. Ripples in a pond are always followed by more ripples. There could be entirely different timelines  tagging along right behind us. But if that was true and you could travel there somehow, the place you end up in would be nothing like the place you came from. It would be an entirely new set of cause and effect reality. It may have started out very similar to our reality back 13+ billion years ago but there would be nothing to keep these different realities the same and even the slightest difference 13 billion years ago would change quite literally everything about that universe.

Light, sound, your thoughts, that mountain, the solar system… even your TV. It’s all a wave.

I am pretty darn sure (so that means it’s a fact) that quite literally everything you have seen, touched, thought, ate and dreamed…. it’s all waves. I did another blog on this here but I saw something new today and it reminded me of something else….

This is the most detailed map yet of our place in the universe

Apparently if you could stand outside our universe and see it all for what it is… it would look something like the above image.

Let’s take a look at another image….

Waves in pool water

See the resemblance??

How fast is light??

Conventional science says the speed of light is about 300 km/s 
But what if I told you this was wrong….? What if I told you the speed of light is a lot slower than that? Like as in zero.

Again, it’s all a matter of perspective! In the big picture… if you could step out and look… light does not move. It’s more correct to say the speed of matter is 300 km/s!!

Seriously!…. OK think about this. Time and space are relative. The faster you go in space the less you experience time. When you reach the cosmic speed limit you experience no time at all. By the perspective of light… the photon reaches it’s target the very instant it exists. Even if it traveled 10 billion light years… according to the photon it took no time to get there. The entire distance is traveled in less than an instant! How fast can you go in no time at all?? The answer is zero!

So what’s with the 300 kilometers per second thing? Something has to be moving… right?  

Yes, something is moving but it’s not the light that is moving…. everything else is! Crazy huh?? Well… not so much. I think the crazy part is that I have to be the one to tell you this. Certainly someone else must have considered this…. anyone??… Bueller?? Well, everyone knows the universe is expanding but what does that really mean? It means that every point in space is stretching out in all directions. Sometimes I like to think about it as waves in a pond but every single point in space is radiating out in all directions all the time.  How fast are all these points going exactly?? 300 km per second!  How do I know that?? Read on….

Cosmic speed limit

So in reality… a reality we cannot see from our perspective… it’s more correct to think of all matter moving at 300 km/s. When we go faster by our perspective, we are actually slowing down! Since you cannot go any slower than zero, it is impossible to go any “faster”. That’s why the speed of light will never be broken, just like Einstein told you.

Am I nuts!?

Well… I might just be crazy. After all I am not a scientist. The closest I got to any schooling on these matters was physics 101.  So, that may be the case (that I have no idea what I’m babbling on about) but then there would be one hell of a coincidence that needs explaining if I’m wrong. Exactly how do I start out with the speed of light… plug in the age of the universe… throw that at a simple math equation… and then come out with a number that leading astronomers say is the speed of expansion!!?

When I started thinking about this, leading scientists at the time said the speed the universe was expanding at was 74.3 plus or minus 2.1 km/s. That was bit higher than my number but really, really close. What caught my attention was that I was working with insanely huge numbers and crazy tiny fractions… and when I was done, I got the number 70.761 km/s. Then a few years later I see a new article “A new series of papers published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society finds the value to be 71.2 km/s” WOW!! I came up with 71 and leading scientists just changed what they believe the number to be from (72 to 76) down to 71.  How can that be a coincidence???

Wait… What??… How!

I believe the universe is expanding in a higher dimension at the number we call “speed of light”. We exist on the outer edge of a balloon that is expanding out at 300 km/s. That causes the outer edge of the balloon to expand at 71 km/s per mega parsec. In our little 3rd dimension existence, every point in space is zipping outward at 300 km/s. Matter (atoms) are just other sets of waves that are travelling on (riding like a surfer) the expanding universe’s 3rd dimension. These atomic waves clump together and are not flung apart as they are pushed because they create the effect we call gravity that causes those waves to stay close. Sometimes I think of it like refraction… atoms are waves (standing waves by our perspective) and those waves are bent inward toward each other when they get close.

Atoms (mass) are pushed by the expanding wave front, but when light photons are created they have no speed. They are not effected by the expanding wave and remain where they are so to speak. From our spot on the surfboard those light photons appear to be moving away from us at 300 km/s. They appear to be a wave because they are bobbing up and down by our point of view. And maybe they are bobbing up and down, after all I truly believe everything is just another wave in one dimension or another…. or maybe all of them but we just can’t see that.


Thought about this the other day and it blows my mind. All cells… from bacteria… to ant hair… to human skin cells that are now dust on your book shelf… exist only because their parent cell copied and split. Just like people have genealogies going back generations, every cell has a parent cell. And here is the cool part. Any cell, no matter what it is… even your nose hair… has been successfully copying and dividing for BILLIONS of years. When you clean your shower you are killing mold cells that have been replicating and surviving for 3+ BILLION YEARS… and you just killed it!!! You monster……


I hear this a lot… nobody really knows what gravity is…  well, then how come you haven’t asked?
Obviously I know exactly what gravity is! And you should trust when I tell you this because I wouldn’t lie about something this important.
OK.. enough with that nonsense. Let’s get to the point.

It’s a matter of perspective… the wrong one!

I believe scientists have the wrong perspective when thinking about gravity. They treat it like a force (and I guess that’s OK) but I say it’s more like cause and effect.  For example, there is a lot of debate on the expanding universe and asking if there is enough matter so gravity can cause the universe to collapse in a big crunch. The problem with that line of thinking is that gravity is only gravity BECAUSE the universe is expanding!

Matter is like a surfer riding the wave of expansion. (see my post on waves) That surfer causes a little indent in the wave front as he is pushed along. When another surfer gets close, the indents they both create merge and slide together, getting a little bigger as they combine. Get enough surfers together and the indent becomes very large and hard to escape.

If the universe stopped expanding then the surfers would stop… their indentations would go away and gravity would cease to exist. Good thing that won’t happen! The expanding universe is a lot like a ripple in a pond, toss a rock in and watch the expanding ring. We are all surfers riding that expanding ring. In a pond there are other forces trying to slow that wave down but in the higher dimensions of the universe there is no friction… no other force slowing the wave. It will continue to radiate out forever or until the wave form is so stretched out that it collapses.  So the idea that gravity could slow or reverse the expansion of the universe is false.

Can you see the multiverse now?

We are surfers on an expanding wave. Atoms are held together by our perspective because their individual waves are crossed and grouped only on our expanding wave front. If they were not then they simply would not exist from our point of view. Anti-matter is just the opposite crest or peak and if those two could meet up, the wave form would collapse. Anyway, ripples in the pond are rarely alone. There are always concentric rings expanding out. Our 3d universe is just one wave crest on an expanding 4d wave. Other wave crests are a given, both in front and behind us and each one of those will also have it’s own set of atomic surfers. Or perhaps the atoms riding those individual wave crests can influence other crests if they share the same 4th dimensional wave.

Also, why would we even expect to be the only wave in the pond? There could be countless individual rings of waves in the greater-universe and each one could be expanding at a different speed. That different speed would be the cosmic speed limit for that universe… the speed of light! It would effect everything including mass and gravity.

We already know… gravity is not what it appears to be

One “problem” with conventional ideas of gravity are the galaxy spiral arms. Computer models cannot explain the arms as they are orbiting too fast and should fly apart. But what if gravity is not a force that goes out forever and for any distance, but is limited to the indentation all the surfers create… like a bowl of gravity. A spinning spiral arm in a galaxy spread out on a flat table will have to hold itself together by some attractive force, but a galaxy spinning in a bowl can easily remain in that bowl.

This is all completely and totally true… says I. And I should know (in my opinion)

Everything… as in EVERYTHING, is a wave! 

YES! That’s right everything you know, and everything else. Even your body and what your brain thinks! It’s all a collection of waves.

Ocean waves – Light waves – Electromagnetic waves – Brain waves….

You hear about waves a lot but I believe there is nothing else

Atoms are mostly empty space and everything you touch and see is made from atoms so everything is mostly empty space. When you touch something you are not really touching it. The atoms in your finger get close to the atoms in the object but the atomic forces repel your finger. You get really close… but the atoms do not touch! When you look at something, what you are seeing is electromagnetic waves that were reflected by atoms in the “object” you are looking at.

Here’s the kicker…. (and as of now, totally my opinion)

Atoms are nothing more than waves!

I believe atoms are nothing more than multi-dimensional waves. They are standing waves because of our perspective as entities made of other standing waves

It’s all a matter of perspective! Imagine surfing on a light wave travelling the speed of light. The crest of the wave you are riding on seems to be standing still. You seem to be standing still and  the light wave you are riding stretches out behind you… or is it in front of you? Maybe both!

Atoms are simply a combination of other-dimension waves that have locked together… some proton waves, a few neutron waves and a collection of electron waves. By our perspective these waves are moving right along with us so they appear to be something solid and grouped together (kind of). Normally these waves don’t like to mix and repel each other (like when you try to touch your finger atoms to coffee cup atoms) but under the right energetic conditions (fusion) those waves are forced to cross and lock together.  Because where these waves collect together in “space” are surfing along with us, they appear like objects hanging in space.

When thinking about different dimensions… if you took a 3d nail and pounded it though 2d space. The 2d people who live in 2d space would see a mysterious floating 2d circle. If a 4d person puts a 4d nail through 3d space… well, the 3d people who live in 3d space (that would be us) will see a 3d circle floating in space (AKA a ball or globe!) If the 4d people shot a (tiny) high frequency 4d wave through 3d space, then it would be like a fuzzy ball hanging in 3d space.. doesn’t that describe an atom and it’s parts? Anyway, you can take my word for it.. or read this cool old book: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

You know what else….?? and this should blow your mind…. Gravity is also just waves. Well, more like waves playing on waves. Check out my next post!


2012 “The most precise measurement ever made of the speed of the universe’s expansion is in, thanks to NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, and it’s a doozy. Space itself is pulling apart at the seams, expanding at a rate of 74.3 plus or minus 2.1 kilometers (46.2 plus or minus 1.3 miles) per second per megaparsec (a megaparsec is roughly 3 million light-years).”

2016 “A new series of papers published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society finds the value to be 71.2 km/s/Mpc, which supports a change over time of the Hubble constant. The observation was performed by an international group of astronomers that used the Hubble Space Telescope to look at how massive galaxies bend space-time, acting as gravitational lenses.”


They are getting closer! The correct answer is more like 70.761 km/s/Mpc

I calculated this number with the following assumptions:

A mega parsec = 3,262,000 light years = .003262 BLY
Age of the universe  = 13.82 BLY
Speed of light = 299,792.458 km/s

This is based on what I believe the universe is, why it is expanding and why the speed of light is a constant.  I am not a theoretical physicist… or a physicist… or an astronomer… or astrologist 😉 … Just someone who knows nothing about this stuff but likes to think  about it a lot anyway.