Every company has to deal with terrible customers now and then….

Where is my item? I paid for this a long time ago

The order was placed with lowest cost shipping which is by letter envelope. An email was sent to you on 11/15 notifying that the order was mailed with a sample photo of the envelope to look for.

There is no tracking on envelope orders. They usually take just a few days to arrive but sometimes there are delays. If you are expecting a package with tracking then a letter envelope can sneak by unnoticed or mistaken for junk mail.

Please take a look around for mail piles and ask anyone who may collect mail if they remember it. Let me know what you find.

** Also, if you can verify your mailing address. Many lost missing mail pieces are due to incomplete, incorrect or old addresses.

No letters have been received by you. You never sent it or the carrier you used to ship it lost it. This was purchased nov 15. Did you send it by way of horseback or pony express?

 Your order was mailed out on the 15th and I sent you a separate email with a photo. Accusing me of not sending it or blaming me for it being lost isn't helpful.
If you would like to cooperate I can help you. If you just want to accuse me of things out of my control then we are done. 

Nvr shipped my item i paid for. Nvr offered a solution. Garbage seller!

 I sent you a long message describing the issue, what has happened so far, told you I would help and asked for you to verify your mailing address. You responded with hostility and rude accusations. Nasty! You are blocked... good riddance! 

You told me to search my house, and talk to who collects my mail for a solution. Thats about zero effort on your part. I’m who collects the mail and you didn’t send my item. Notice i have positive feedback for everything and that i pay immediately every time! The photo you sent of your shipping has no address genius! so, where did that letter go? Enjoy the negative feedback and sending me a refund!

 Yes, that would be the first step. You clearly did not read the listing or the email I sent. You are the one who selected the lowest shipping cost. That is by letter envelope. I need to make sure you understood the item was arriving in an envelope and that you had not gotten it. Many people respond saying they found the order after that. Next we verify your mailing address which I requested and you failed to reply. Many people have incomplete or old addresses. No sense in sending out another package that will go to the same wrong address.

You were RUDE right from the start and accusing me not sending the package. My feedback is proof that I send packages. You are not interested in cooperating and resolving the issue. You just wanted to throw a tantrum and insult people.

"The photo you sent of your shipping has no address genius"
It is a sample of what to look for. The "Your Address" etc.. kinda gives that away. You never read it anyway. It doesn't do any good to go back now to read it for the first time to find something to complain about. Most likely you got the item and threw it away. Now want to blame me for your mistake.

I don't bend over for rude people.... and you certainly qualify. 

Well, that’s like your opinion man.

What is my opinion??
I provide low cost letter mail shipping as a convenience for customers who want to save money. I know that most people are honest, kind and understanding, but not everyone is. That's the price I pay for providing the service to good people. Sometimes I will inevitably run into a jerk.

You know what is an opinion (and a strange one)?? that every lost piece of mail is the fault of the shipper, never the shipping company. OH, and that treating people nasty is a great way to receive good service in return.

Here IS my opinion.... I bet you've had a fair share of spittle in your food.

I would certainly have helped even a jerk. But you jumped from my request to verify your address to accusing me of never sending your order. I can't help an uncooperative jerk.

That's like obvious man. 

This aggression will not stand man!
“That's the price I pay for providing the service to good people.” Own your mistakes buddy and you dont have to pay consequences. You didnt ship the package and if you did, and they lost it, take it up with them. Ebay sellers provide fob shipping. Look that word up as i know you re not familiar. And, stop talking like a deity and what you do is providing some great service. There’s plenty of other sellers/vultures who can complete sales just fine.

 My only mistake was trying to reason with you.
The stamps.com notification of postage purchase and the automatic email generated when printing your postage shows with reasonable intent that I did in fact ship your order. If I did not ship out orders then I would have negative feedback from many people, not just the jerks who cannot own their mistakes.

I do provide great service to reasonable people... but you refused to confirm your mailing address!! What exactly am I supposed to do??
Last week a customer emailed me telling me he ordered the wrong part and I mailed out a replacement order that day at no cost and told him to keep both orders.
Recently I had a customer tell me they moved and the address is no good and I simply mailed them a new order to the updated address at my cost.
Rude jerks don't deserve great service but I do it anyway. Unfortunately you were rude AND uncooperative. Can't help someone who just wants to bitch.

The listing states that the lowest cost shipping is by letter envelope without tracking. You didn't read it and you made ASSUMPTIONS. I then sent you an email about shipment. You didn't read that either.

I send hundreds of letter mail orders every month. About 1% have problems.
Out of that 1% I think it's a reasonable guess that 40% are lost by the mail, 30% are missed by the customers who expect a package, 25% are address errors and 5% are liars and thieves.
What are the chances that an accusation jerk was the unlucky recipient of the 1 in 600 orders that are actually lost by the mail VS the 60% of "lost" packages that are due to lazy illiterate liars. It's not impossible.... just unlikely.

Anyway, my feedback is proof that I mail orders. Your rude feedback was invalid and unjustified. I wear it like a battle scar... no reasonable customer will be swayed by your attack.