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Uniden Keypad Membrane Repair

Uniden Keypad Membrane Repair

Our conductor is made of carbon material (not paint) and cannot wear out or scrape off!
Seriously, we have tested this material for over a 100K key presses and even tried to damage it with sand paper. It will not fail under normal use…. or even abnormal use!

Don’t bother trying to use conductive paint or other materials. The paint will crack and break off these flexible snap domes before you can press redial and probably lock up your keypad. Materials like tinfoil are far too conductive. They with crease or wrinkle and short out your keypad. Also if a foil gets into the wrong place it can easily cause a bad short circuit and permanent damage.

When cleaning the Uniden DECT2085 membrane be sure to stay away from the conductive black circles inside the white snap domes. They are easily damaged by cleaners, especially after being used for a long time. The snap dome contacts will still work with some damage but may experience reduced responsiveness. If a button contact is damaged you can use a hole punch to remove the damaged button and our membrane repair will become the new conductor. This will remove the snap feel of the button but most people will not notice the difference unless it is pointed out to them. Most cordless phones do not have snap feedback buttons anyway.

hole punch


Note: This technique will remove the snap dome for any button you puch out. These buttons will work perfectly but they will feel a little different. You should only perform the hole punch repair on buttons that do not work, then assemble the phone and try it out to see how it feels. You may then decide to hole punch out all the buttons so they all feel the same. It all depends on the individual. You may not have even noticed a difference if it had not been pointed out to you.


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