Important Note Regarding *REPAIR SERVICE*

Expedited Repair

Expedite service for $10 (max 8 items)

This optional fee simply lets me know you need the order sooner than later.  There are no completion guarantees but this will definitely  speed up repair. It may cut repair time from 2 months to 1 month or from 3 weeks to 1 week. it depends what you send in, when you send it and how many other orders arrive around the same time.

  • Expedited will have much more of an effect on small orders
    Almost equivalent to RUSH service for a single phone
  • When your order is logged in it receives a bold colored highlight in my software 
  • I will pay special attention to it and provide more feedback about status changes, problems or issues

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Repair Service - No payment needed at checkout

Repair Service - No payment needed at checkout

If you are having technical issues ordering on the web site CLICK HEREHow to order repair serviceAdd..


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