Important Note Regarding *REPAIR SERVICE*

International Orders

International orders are sent by letter mail in a flat envelope with a postage stamp
Larger orders may be broken into multiple envelopes

  • No Tax Collected
    I am a 1 person operation and too small to collect taxes for sales outside my local state
  • Envelopes do not go through customs
  • Faster then packages that cost ten times as much to mail

CLICK HERE to see what customers report for delivery times to different countries

I take a photo of your actual envelope and email it to you just before mailing it out. Please look over the envelope image and let me know if there are any problems with the address. Sometimes problems can be corrected in time or at least not wait weeks or months before finding a solution.

There is NO TRACKING for letter mail
China can mail a widget for $0.99 with tracking but here in the USA the same services are used and it costs around $35 to mail a paper clip with tracking that actually works

Letter mail takes between 6 to 40 days depending on destination. 
International package forwarding services (with tracking that stops working after leaving USA) is around $6 and takes 25-75 days.
Priority Mail is the cheapest option with working tracking. It usually takes 5-20 days and starts at $30.
UPS Ground International takes 5-20 days and starts at $25 for small flat items.  A lot of paperwork is needed for UPS International 

Because the seller is responsible for the item and postage cost until the item arrives at the destination, high shipping costs are not a reasonable option for small orders.  There are so many different countries and services involved that it is difficult to know or keep track of all the details. 

For the most common international orders I have enough information and past history to have a good idea what to expect.

All delivery estimates are averages. There are always some outlying orders that are delayed for some reason.
COVID has caused significant and unpredictable delays for almost all international mail

Fastest of all international destinations. 4-9 days typical. Very reliable, with virtually no missing orders. 

A little slow for being so close. 7-24 days is typical. Very reliable with only a rare case of the order not arriving.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland
7-24 days is typical. Very reliable with only a rare case of the order not arriving.

Australia ***
Very reliable but a little slower and a few more missing orders than the above countries. Typically 20-40 days
12/2021 until who knows when: USA is being a baby about mail to Australia and New Zealand. Most orders were making it through but many are being returned "Service Suspended" Information is vague and confusing. Nobody i talk to really knows what's going on or when things might change. For now I have limited these areas to GlobalPost shipments which are a lot more expensive than latter mail but are not having trouble getting through to these areas. 

*France and Italy
Very unreliable with up to 50% of orders reported missing
12/2021 Update: I have not been having trouble with these destinations in quite some time now. 

Asia, China, Japan, etc..
Not a lot of data but seems reliable. A low number of orders and I don't receive much feedback.  (No complaints)

Russia and surrounding 
Very few orders. Kazakhstan has been banned due to theft of services from multiple addresses.  

A lot of orders and very few issues. 14-30 days

*South America
Too many problems, very unreliable. Many lost packages and language barriers. Hard to communicate with customers.

What if my international order does not arrive?

Because there is no tracking there is no way to know if an order is lost or delayed. (Tracking rarely helps either by the way) 
I ask customers to please be patient and give an order 2 months to arrive (1 month for UK). After two months I can send a replacement order. It's far more common for an order to be delayed for many reasons then it is to be truly lost. So sending a replacement before 2 months usually ends up with the original order arriving before the replacement order.  
I will ask you to verify your address and if anything can be changed or added. 

* France, Italy and South America: If you would like to place an order anyway knowing the risks, this is up to you. Postage is higher for your area because so many are lost. If you have not received the order within 50 days then I will send a replacement. If you have not received either order in 100 days then I will process a refund minus the original shipping cost



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