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  • RUSH Repair Service

How to order RUSH repair service

  • Email to request a Rush RA#
  • Add repair service to cart and checkout
  • Mail your equipment in for repair 
  • Pay after repair is completed

1) Make sure repair service is available for your equipment

  • Search for the model number
  • Email any questions

2) Add your models and options to the shopping cart OR use this page's generic "Repair Service" item and provide a detailed description

  • For simple orders it is best to find the specific item and add it to the cart
  • For more complex orders involving different items and options you can use this single "Repair Service" item and include a description of the equipment you are sending along with optional services you may want such as new batteries, extra refurbishing, etc..  

3) (Optional) You can adjust the "amount" in the options to the left to better reflect what you believe the total repair price will be

This is more  important if you want to pay for repair now and have received a quote over email. However it is also another way to communicate what your expectations are and to have a more accurate work order.

4) Proceed through checkout to obtain your order number

It is usually* best to select "Pay After Repair" and not enter any payment information at this time.
An exception might be if you know the order doesn't require extra services and you believe there could be delays in receiving and responding to payment requests emails after the order is done.  Pre-payment can speed up the return of orders for some customers but it can also cause more hassle if the order needs additional services such as replacing cracked LCD screens or broken antennas. 

5) Mail in your items for repair. You will be provided the address / instructions after checkout and in an email (You can also click here)


Repair service turnaround depends greatly on what you send in, when you send it in, what is wrong with it, etc..
Busiest time of year is usually November through February and there is extremely limited  repair service in July.   

Rush service is only available by request over email with turnaround as quick as 2-3 days plus shipping time. Provide as much detail as possible about what you need repaired, the problems they have, the condition of the equipment, any critical time requirements, etc.. I will reply with an acceptance, RUSH fee and estimated completion (after arrival). A special RA# is provided for the order that expires in 48 hours
If you decide you need rush service,  you can then place the repair order with the RA# issued. Your order details will be pre-printed and added to the RUSH clipboard. When orders arrive they will be matched with the existing order and opened immediately.  
Estimated Rush fees are $10-$20 per item and are typically on the higher end in the late fall and early winter when everyone wants rush service.  However, if good problem descriptions are provided in your rush request this can make a significant difference in the estimate. For example if you describe a common problem that I know will not be a difficult repair then the rush fee will be lower along with the estimated turnaround time. 

To request RUSH service please use this email:

Status Requests

  • Email is sent when your package is opened and logged in  IF your order is placed on-line and you received an order number
  • A payment request email is sent when your order is completed
  • A tracking number is emailed when the order ships
    Status requests over the phone will be unconditionally ignored
    Status requests over email for regular repair orders may be responded to with a short and very rough estimate such as "maybe a few (days/weeks/a month) more" 
  • Status requests must be emailed to this address: and include your order number 

Under normal circumstances with regular repair orders I cannot respond to status requests. Not only is it time consuming and distracting to look for a specific order and respond with any detail but typically I don't know how long it will take to complete an order until it's already done. That also goes for every other order in front of your order, in the line.  When a repair order arrives an email is sent letting you know the order has been received.  After that the status does not usually change until the order is completed. Most of the turnaround time is just waiting and once an order is started it is often completed within a few hours or a day (depends on the size and issue).  I don't know how much time I will have to dedicate to repair in a given week, how long each order before yours will take (if your order will be easy or difficult) until after it's been worked on.  At best I may be able to offer a basic "it should be soon" or "I'm really busy and have a lot of orders older than yours to get to"  

RUSH Repair Service

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