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ButtonWorx™ button repair for the WonderSwan retro hand held gaming system.

Works with WonderSwan Color & WonderSwan Crystal The power button for this device has a massive flaw! The circuit board was designed for a soldered physical push button switch but after production they decided to change it to a rubber plunger button. The circuit board contacts are designed for a soldered button complete with green solder mask and white insulation coating. The rubber button must be squished into the crevasse created by these coatings AND the electricity must conduct over a much wider gap than normally designed into rubber buttons.

Ships World-Wide for $2.50! USA as low as $0.75

The specially designed ButtonWorx™ repair pad for WonderSwan can bend down into the gaps created by the masking on the circuit board. This is the only real solution to get the power button working properly.

WonderSwan Button Repair Kit BW-WONDERSWAN

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