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  • Panasonic KX-TD7895 Cordless Phone Repair

Cordless Phone Repair Service

Flat fee repair service includes most problems and basic parts (speakers, microphones, simple components, etc..)
The standard repair fee does not include LCD displays, housing parts, antenna, battery, etc..

Model KX-TD7895

Important Note
Does not work in EMSS mode (Will not connect to phone system)
The base receiver has a common problem where it will not talk to the phone system. This is caused by 8 failing capacitors in the KX-TD7895 base. These fail over time just like a light bulb... it will happen to all of them after so many years of use and they are ALL that old already.  Every one I look at is on it's last leg if not already failing intermittently or worse.  This is a significant repair job that is offered at a discount if the work is done at the same time a phone is repaired. If all you need is the base repaired (unlikely unless your phone had been repaired recently) then base repair is the price listed for this service and you do not need to select the option for additional cost. 

I recommend selecting the option to add this repair service now. I test the capacitors before repair. If for some reason you don't need it then the work will not be done and you will not be charged.   

6 Month Warranty
Warranty covers the problem sent in for as well as most common issues. It does not cover unreasonable abuse, housing parts or the LCD display.  


  • Select any optional add-on services and add repair items to the cart.
  • Check out like you normally would with an on-line item purchase. 
  • For repair service you do not have to pay at checkout.
    Payment can be arranged after repair is complete and the order is ready to ship.
  • When you complete the on-line repair order, simply print the order confirmation and mail it in with your equipment for repair. 
  • IMPORTANT: Please include a detailed problem description whenever possible
  • Ship only the phone and base receiver. Do not mail batteries, charger stands, power adapters, etc...

** On-line orders are preferred but you can print and fill out this packing slip instead if you cannot complete an order on-line: LINK


New battery for KX-TD7895

Panasonic KX-TD7895 Cordless Phone Repair

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