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  • BOSE RC38T1-27 Remote Repair Service

Most remotes that I received for repair were not broken. The ones that were broken were often serious issues or unrepairable. I began to dread seeing them show up. I am no longer offering repair service for these but I made a long video going over the most common issues and how to troubleshoot and repair them. 

Unlike most items I repair, many good working remotes are sent in for repair. The remote works fine but the Bose system itself is not set up properly or broken. 
If a remote sent in seems to be working it could have intermittent problems so it must be opened and inspected. Because of this I have a testing fee for remotes that are working good. There are some troubleshooting steps below you can try but even these are not really much help unless they solve the problem.  

  • If your remote has a few buttons that do not work because they slowly wore out over time. That is a bad remote and will be repaired.
  • If your remote works only when very close to the main system. That is a bad remote and can be repaired.


  • If your remote just does not work, even when placed right up next to the power cord of the main Bose system, that can be a bad remote, bad remote setup, bad batteries or the Bose system itself can be broken. There is no easy way to tell without trying the remote on a known good Bose system. 

Permanent repair of hard to press buttons using ButtonWorx brand repair buttons 
Repaired buttons will never fail again!
  • Repair takes 2-3 days plus shipping time
  • Button Repair
  • Dead / non funtional
  • Battery corrosion

Troubleshooting your remote before repair
1) Unplug your Bose system for 5 minutes or more, plug it back in and re-test the remote
2) Change the batteries
3) Try your remote near a radio tuned to AM. If your remote is sending out signals you will hear a little pop when you press a button. If there is no pop, the remote may not be getting power. You may need to move the remote around the radio to hear the pop. 
4) The power cord for your BOSE system is the antenna for the remote. Try the remote right up near the power cord to see if it works better there.
5) Verify the remote code is correct (see image below)

Bose RC28T1-27 Code

BOSE RC38T1-27 Remote Repair Service

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