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ButtonWorx™ Button Repair Kit

RAV240 RAV241 RAV242 RAV244 RAV246 RAV247 RAV248 RAV249 RAV250 RAV251 RAV252 RAV253 RAV254 RAV255
WC 55280, WC 552900, WE 45850, WE 45870, WE 5860,  

  • Easy peel and stick
  • Never wears out
  • Blocks oil and dirt 

Keypad is split into two halves 


  1. TOP Only A
  2. BOTTOM Only B
  3. Both TOP and BOTTOM

Please see photo A and B sections to see which buttons are covered.
Top part is smaller and repairs the most heavily used buttons

Video is for RAV283 remote but shows the basics for taking your remote apart and installing repair kit

Yamaha RAV240 - RAV255 Remote Control Button Repair Kit

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