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  1. Speed of Light : Reexamination

    Plane waves of light (wavelength is constant) are coming from just above. An observer is moving horizontally at different speed. Speed relative to the waves does not vary. But speed relative to photons or light ray will vary (both will be real existence). With the formula : light speed = f λ, speed of waves can be shown. However, speed of photon and light ray will not be shown. Because of large speed of light, this problem is not noticeable.

    In outer space, plane waves of a star light are coming. An observer is at a standstill. Speed of light waves and photons (light ray) relative to the observer will not be the same (in general). By the way, speed of light waves and of photons (light ray) relative to the aether frame will be the same (as a physical constant : not c, maybe).

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  2. Constancy of speed of light

    They say, it stands up on an observer in every inertial frame. Yes, when the light source shines in that frame, it is true.

    Some man mistook this fact natural for a great discovery. And it is believed widely.

  3. Aether

    Speed of light relative to mediums (water or air) is constant. Speed of light relative to aether (physical substance) is constant also. This is shown by aberrations.

  4. Accelerated motion of a light source

    Light emitted from an accelerated source will follow instantaneous speed of the source. In short,
    light will scceed motion vector of instantaneousb speed of the source. The emission theory imply the above.

    I say again, thev emission theory will be valid for a few seconds only after the emission. After this, light follows aether.

  5. Propagation of light (I say again)

    Light is propagated in three ways (as follows).

    1 In mediums, speed of light is c/n. MM experiment (done in air) is nonsense.
    2 In outer space, a star light is reflected by a mirror. Speed of incident light is constant relative to aether.
    3. In outer space, a star light is reflected by a mirror. Speed of reflected light is constant relative to the mirror.

    In three pictures above each, speed of light relative to a moving observer follows Galilean transformation.

  6. Aether

    Aether exists undoubtedly. However in laboratories on the earth, no effect caused by aether drift seems to be observed (on such as particles). Aether is mysterious yet.

  7. All of light speed (I say again)

    All of light speed is shown in aberrations. One is that in outer space, speed of light is constant relative to aether. Every motion of the light source is cancelled. The other is that light speed is not constant relative to the moving earth.

  8. Is light speed constant!?

    To the upper right at 45 degrees in still water, plane waves of light is propagated. Above the water surface is vacuum. Value of inclination of waves in vacuum can be determined. And also speed of light waves relative to moving observer who moves in vacuum horizontally or vertically can be determined.

    How about when there is air above the water surface ? When air is stationary relative to the water, apparent difference in looks will not be found.

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