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3M 8153LE Adhesive 4×9 Sheet – Cheap Shipping!

Buy Now 3M™ 8153LE Adhesive Sheet  Low Price  No Minimum Order  Cheap Shipping Super strong “Very High Bond” 3M adhesive This product is adhesive only. Once you remove the two sided paper liner there is nothing left but adhesive (no

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LCD Repair – Missing Lines Dot-Matrix, STN, TFT, COB, COF, COG

A common failure for the small LCD displays found in electronics – missing lines.   Are you stuck with a bad LCD that has missing lines? It is not easy finding replacement LCDs for most situations because a lot of

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Choppy Transmit issues with KX-TGA400b – Callers can’t hear / understand you – voice breaks up

The most mysterious and annoying problem with the Panasonic KX-TGA400b and KX-TGA200b cordless phone is what I call “Choppy Transmit” It is extremely common and has several causes…. but the difficult part can be simply diagnosing the problem (especially for the end-user)

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Windows 8 will not boot – error 0xc000000e missing windowssystem32winload.exe

So I just upgraded to Windows 8 and here is an unusual problem I ran into. I installed Windows 8 on a new hard drive. I had no problems installing and used the new OS for 24 hours without issue.

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Panasonic Cordless Handsets Resetting KX-TGA650b KX-TGA450b

Is your Panasonic cordless handset going dead? Resetting? Does the screen go blank for a few seconds then give you an error to move closer to the base? Typically this happens only at the most inconvenient of times… (while you are using

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Panasonic KX-TG4500b dead, no power

Do you have a dead Panasonic KX-TG4500b base station?  The #1 cause of a dead base station is the power supply. The new switching power supplies are more energy efficient and they can provide more power in a smaller package

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