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Keypad Repair Kits

Returns are accepted for keypad repair kits in any condition (new, used, damaged, cut into a million pieces, whatever) for up to 6 months after purchase. Full refund with no restocking fee for regular orders. Bulk orders for larger quantity are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Repair Service

There are no refunds for parts and labor involved in repair service. 90 day warranty covers problems reported in the original problem description included with the order. Shipping for warranty work is not covered and shipping labels or pick up service will not be provided under any circumstances, no exceptions. Return shipping after warranty work is completed is covered only if the problem is due to an error in repair service, either by defective part, mistake or neglect by the repair technician.


Items and repair service can be ordered at this web site. All special pricing and discounts are valid for web orders only. Direct orders via mail or other means are at regular price.



Payment for items, parts and repair kits are to be made by Paypal payment service before shipping.

Repair Service

It is recommended to select Pay Later Using Paypal for repair service orders. While most repair orders do not require credits or additional charges there is a chance for unrepairable items or extra charges for major issues that require expensive parts. Payment after repair is more convinient, especially for service that may not be completed for some time. However, paying later can also cause delays. The customer must view and respond to the final payment request which may cause delays if emails are not seen and responded to promptly.