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Q: What happens when I order repair service? How Does this work? ANSWER 

Q: Do you have a repair kit for X? A: Search for your model number above (try just the numbers). If you can't find what you need PLEASE ASK :)

Q: Do you have a repair kit for KX-TGA651wxyz? A: For Panasonic, only the numbers are important. The rest is version, color, country code, etc..  KX-TGA410b, KX-TGA410c, KX-TGA410whatever are all the same phone. The only important  info is the number "410" 

Q: How long does repair take? A: That depends greatly on what it is and how much of it there is.
     Average is about 1 month. Small orders without unusual problems generally take a few weeks plus shipping time.      
     Larger orders will take as long as the most difficult item and may be several weeks especially if ordering parts is needed. 
     Expedited and Rush is available if you need something back fast

Hours of operation: No set hours (Generally M-F 9am - 5pm EST)  P1Repair is a one person operation and I am often working 7 days a week but I am not always around.


247 Buxton Rd
Saco, ME 04072

Please note: Repair Service in the winter months can be significantly delayed due to increased work load. Please contact me before ordering repair service if turnaround time is critical.  Thanks for understanding.

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Phone: (207) 956-0755‬

  • I rarely answer the phone
     Phone is for leaving messages & calls by appointment
  • I do not return calls that could easily be handled over email or SMS text messaging
  • I like to have a paper trail (text) of conversations. Phone calls are lost
  • In your message, please provide enough information for me to find your order or send me an email with a simple message like "I just left a voice mail": 

For example: Instead of typing up a long email you could leave a recorded message 

Some people prefer to leave credit card information over the phone. My messages are secure and I am the only one with access to them. 

I work strange hours and phone calls are a significant distraction. I was receiving too many phone calls with people wanting to chat for 20 minutes about which $0.50 item to order. Inevitably if anything important is dealt with over the phone I will probably need to reference it later. I can search emails, phone calls are lost. 

If you leave a message with nothing but your phone number, asking me to call you back your message is deleted and ignored