Repair Orders Delayed

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Repair Order Delays
I am very backed up on repair orders in winter months. Expect at least 30 days turnaround except for battery replacement, keypad installs and other simple procedures which only take a few days.

Minor Surgery 10/18/2021

I expect to not work at all Monday 10/18. I might need another day or two to get back to work after that. 

April Vacation

I will be traveling April 16-23 (2021)

I am bringing some inventory of the most popular items but shipping may be delayed and technical issues (poor internet access, etc..) may be an issue. 


Repair service has been unavailable in July in recent years. This is the last year for the long break as I move back to Maine. 

Ben Jordan
247 Buxton Rd
Saco, ME 04072


I take the situation very serious and want to let you know that I take every step to eliminate exposure or transmission of this virus threat. 

Since I work alone it was a very easy transition for me.  As of 3/18 my small family and I have decided to voluntarily self quarantine for safety of others as well as ourselves. We stay at home and venture out only when necessary while taking every precaution available to us. I have been washing hands and cleaning far more than normal. For the foreseeable future I will be sterilizing my shipping area and the products coming in and out of my shop. 

There may be some small delays in shipping orders as I will no longer take extra trips to the post office and rely more heavily on standard delivery and pickup. This minor delay should not even be noticed by the majority of customers. 

I have stocked up on supplies and eliminated daily trips for envelopes, postage stamps, groceries, convenience store pit stops, printer paper, etc...  Whenever possible I will be relying on delivery service and treating every package like it is contaminated. 

Rest assured that if I feel like I have any symptoms for COVID-19 that I will stop working while contagious and not mail contaminated equipment to customers.  If it comes to that I will update this information with expected delays.

I have friends and family with increased risk to this virus and I know what's at stake. Everyone must do their part. 

Thank you