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247 Buxton Rd.
Saco, ME 04072


TXT and Voice Mail (FREE)

 (207) 956-0755‬

  • This is a google voice number linked to a desktop computer. I don't make or receive phone calls. 
  • TXT messages are forwarded to my personal cell. Voice mails retrieved at business hours.  
  • In your message, please provide enough information for me to find your order or send me an email with a simple message like "I just left a voice mail": 

For example: Instead of typing up a long email you could leave a recorded message 

Some people prefer to leave credit card information over the phone. My messages are secure and I am the only one with access to them.  It's much safer than sending CC detail over email. 

I work strange hours and phone calls are a significant distraction. I was receiving too many phone calls with people wanting to chat for 20 minutes about which $0.50 item to order. Inevitably if anything important is dealt with over the phone I will probably need to reference it later. I can search emails, phone calls are lost. 

Phone Support (returning your call)

Phone support is $150 per hour billed in 20 minute intervals. Minimum 20 minutes for $50
Please purchase PHONE SUPPORT and leave a message that includes your 6 digit Support Request Order Number and your preferred time for a return call. 

Any voice mails left that request a return call back and do not have pre-paid phone support (with the 6 digit order number) will be deleted and ignored.
Thank you