Important Notice

What is a membrane keypad

Our membrane keypad is a thin keypad that replaces the conductive contacts for the original rubber keypad.

A paper thin keypad that goes between the original rubber keypad and the circuit board.

  • Super Thin - No change in the look and feel of your device
  • Your keypad can never fail due to oil and dirt buildup!
  • Carbon material will not wear out or rub off - Not like paint or glue

The membrane is very thin and installs between the original rubber keypad and circuit board. The original conductive contacts on the rubber keypad push down on the membrane to activate the button.

Membrane keypad diagram

One of the major reasons rubber keypads fail is due to dust contaminants and/or oily build up by-product from the rubber pad.


Any drawbacks??

The only problem with membrane keypads is they do not improve cosmetic issues (if any) with the rubber keypad. Yellowed keypads, faded printing, torn or missing buttons, etc...

Problem is, new rubber keypads are almost never available and even if they were, you'd just run into the same problem.

Clean the circuit board

Install membrane keypad spacer

Peel away paper liner

Install membrane keypad conductor All buttons repaired!
With no oily goop getting in the way, your new buttons will last far longer than original.