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TV Remote Button Compatibility List

Known ButtonWorx™ compatibility list

Listed here are known button sizes for specific remotes.  Please contact us with any information about your remote and what worked for you.


Model Numbers



Samsung TV Remote Control BN59-00678A ,HL61A510J1F, HL67A510J1F, LN19A330J1D, LN19A330J1H, LN19A450C1D, LN19A650A1D, LN22A330J1D, LN22A450C1, LN22A450C1D, LN22A450C1H, LN22A650A1D, LN26A330J1, LN26A330J1D, LN32A300J1D, LN32A330J1, LN32A330J1D, LN32A330J1N, LN37A330J1D, LN40A330J1, LN40A330J1D, LS23CFUKFYD, LS24TDNSUVD, PL42A410C1D, PL42A410C2D, PL50A410C1D, PN42A400C2D, PN42A410C1D, PN50A400C2D, PN50A410C1D, T200HD, T220HD, T240HD, T260HD, 2333HD

Larger Buttons will get stuck down

Use 3R7 or 4R7

Tested by P1Repair