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Uniden TRU9480 Button Repair

Uniden TRU9480 Cordless Phone

Uniden TCX905 4-Way round silver button repair kit


1) Disassemble the phone


2) Clean the keypad with isopropyl alcohol


3) Stick brown spacer to the circuit board


4) Stick the black conductor on top of the brown spacer


5) Re-assemble the phone

Remove battery cover and battery


Take out the two screws


Fig 4

Pry up the bottom of the phone. Do not pull too hard or you may pull out the black and red wire going to the speaker. If you need to, a small flat screwdriver can be used on the clips shown in Fig.4


3 Small screws located on the main circuit board surrounded in white

2 Medium screws for the smaller upper circuit board

2 Large screws for the back housing under the battery cover


Critical: Clean the circuit board and rubber dial pad with isopropyl alcohol

DO NOT clean the black dots on the white membrane. Any cleaning will damage the conductive material


Peel the brown paper off one side of the spacer and stick down (to the cleaned circuit board) over the buttons as shown. This can be easily re-positioned and re-applied if necessary.

Peel the top brown paper off the spacer and stick the black conductor on top.


The black conductor is slightly smaller than the clear spacer. This is because it is important that the black conductor does not come in contact with the black tracings on the circuit board.

Place the white membrane over the rubber keypad with the black dots facing up, then re-assemble the phone.