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Cordless Phone Repair Service

Avaya 3920

00503101 D160 IP DECT EXP10000

6 Month Warranty

Common problems are bad receivers, bad speaker or microphone, broken volume buttons, not charging or poor connection to battery.

Many phones have the printing worn off the rubber keypad. New parts are not available and even used keypads are almost impossible to find. 
The only solution is to re-letter the old keypads but nothing sticks to rubber. The pictures above show a keypad that has been laser engraved to cut the text into the rubber and then filled with black ink.  I also have white silicone glue that can be used for the TALK MUTE and SPEAKER. This looks better but still is not permanent. In heavily used phones I have seen the white fill loosen and fall out in about a year. The black ink is also not permanent but it lasts a lot longer and is easy to re-apply (using a black sharpie and a q-tip to wipe off the excess)  

Flashing LCD display with beeping is caused by a bad battery. All cordless phones using 2.4v batteries are very picky about the battery condition. Circuitry needs a minimum of 3v to operate so right away these phones have to use voltage multiplying to increase the voltage at the cost of more amperage.  When the battery gets old it will not be able to keep up with demand. 

New battery 

Avaya 3920 WRLS Cordless Phone Repair Service

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