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New antenna cover

  • 3D printed Flexible TPU rubber
  • Slides in and holds in place without screws or glue
  • Fits UNIDEN phones made for many phone systems
    Avaya 3810 3910, Toshiba DKT2204 DKT2304, NEC DTR-4R DTH-4R, 3Com, Vodavi, Comdial, InterTel INT3000 INT4000

EXP9700 is the older larger phone 

Antenna housing is oval in shape
Antenna wire is stranded 18AWG wire 60mm in length
Original antenna was held in place with a screw
Battery in phone is a solid plastic case with 2 metal plates that contact spring tabs

EXP9300 is a newer smaller phone

Antenna housing is round
Antenna is solid wire with coil at top
Battery is a 3-cell shrink wrap pack with 3 wire plug 

NOTE: If your broken antenna has been glued back in, then the glue must be removed before the new antenna housing will fit.  This may require cutting, filing, etc..

Also if the wire is broken or missing the antenna will not work. Broken or missing wires must be replaced or the phone will have poor range and reception.  Replacing the wire requires soldering and some soldering skill. 

New Antenna Cover for NEC Comdial Toshiba Avaya Vertical 3Com

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