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Shipping Tips

Repair Service Orders

If you have not already provided a problem description, please print a form now.

Please ship your items for repair as soon as you can.

Ben Jordan
P1Repair Order ____
247 Buxton Rd
Saco, ME 04072

Shipping paid in the order was for return shipping after the repair. 

You can mail the items using any service you like. I recommend US Postal Service.

1 phone can ship USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation.  

If you have a Paypal account, here is a secret link you can use to ship a package to anyone (not just people that sent you money). Unlike usps.com you can use this Paypal tool to ship First Class Mail with tracking for packages up to 13oz  

2-3 phones can fit in a USPS Priority Mail Flate Rate BUBBLE envelope. You will need to wrap each phone in at least 2 layers of thick bubble wrap or 4 layers of thin. Make sure the antenna is protected. 

For Priority Mail you can pick up free boxes and bubble envelopes at your local post office or you can order supplies on-line and have them delivered to you for free! https://www.usps.com/ 

Money Saving Tips

ONE typical cordless phone (without the battery) wrapped in thick bubble wrap and put in a 6x10 bubble mailer is well under 10oz. If you do not have a scale just call it 13oz to be safe. Even a single phone in a small light weight box (with bubble padding) is about 9-10oz. 

With US Priority Mail BUBBLE envelope mailers. If it fits, it ships... at one low price! As long as you can close and seal the flap without deforming the bag you can mail it. If you can find the right size small box you can pack it full with anyhting you like and put it inside the bubble mailer. This can make a HUGE difference in postage cost especailly when shipping 500 miles or more.