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Professional Repair Service for EnGenius Cordless Phones

DuraFon UHF

Flat Fee Repair charge for any* problem

  • Bad sound quality
  • Will not connect or register
  • Sluggish or bad buttons
  • Won't charge
  • No backlight
  • ETC..... 

*Flat fee repair charge does not include housing parts or LCD replacement (if needed). 

NOTE: Blank displays are most likely not repairable and would need to be replaced. The only source for LCDs is another phone and swapping them out is difficult.  If you supply a parts phone with working LCD, replacing the LCD will be around $20 above the listed fee. There is a very slight risk the LCD could be damaged in the process. 

Order repair service by adding this item to cart and checking out.

  • Pay now or after repairs are done
  • No money up front and no obligation!
  • Order info imported, work order created & shipping / tracking email updates when ordered on-line
  • A packing slip is available on success page and in email confirmation
  • NO CHARGE for unrepairables. No bench fee!

You can also just print a packing slip and send in your phones 

DuraFon-UHF Battery Cover (information)


I have seen two different battery doors and they are not interchangeable!
One phone has a taller screw post for the battery door and the rubber gasket in the back housing that presses up against the door is different.
At the time of posting this I did not have a sample of the tall screw post battery door itself for comparison.
The only difference I can see in the labels is a BC in a circle but that might not have anything to do with it. 


EnGenius Repair Service DuraFon UHF-HC SPR922

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  • $49.95

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